DRABPE aims to offer exposure and help Black businesses grow and gain recognition in the market.

Durham, Ontario (October 26 2022): Given that Durham is home to one of the largest and fastest-growing Black communities in Canada, DRABPE has set out to help Black businesses in the Durham region build a strong market presence with the launch of their new website. The website is a one-stop destination for Black entrepreneurs and professionals to network, build on their skill sets and establish themselves within the community. The website seeks to help Black businesses reach their target market at a quicker pace by creating appropriate channels for communication.

With the support of the Government of Canada we have a on the DRABPE website a Black Business ‘Directory’ which we see as an important resource to help the greater Durham community discover and support Black-owned businesses. The key to expanding any business is awareness and the DRABPE directory aims to shine a spotlight on budding businesses across the community.

To help ensure the community’s “share of the wallet,” DRABPE has outlined a list of goals that will work as guiding principles on their journey to transform the Black business community in Durham. These goals include:

  • Creating opportunities for Black professionals to gain mutual support and encouragement.
  • Offering resources that will include insight into basic finance, accounting, marketing, and customer service skills for new entrepreneurs.
  • Assisting professionals and businesses with raising their profiles through inclusion in trade fairs and symposiums.
  • Mentorship programs with young professionals.

“We are here to assist Black businesses make inroads into the community and navigate the barriers that are preventing individuals from starting and growing their businesses. That’s what’s at the heart of DRABPE’s vision” says Dane Lawrence, President of DRABPE.

To register your business on the DRABPE directory or connect with Black-owned businesses in the Durham Region click here.