Black-Owned Businesses Have Been Struggling. How Can We Help?

Throughout the pandemic, but especially during the winter season, inflation, rising shipping costs, and competition from big-box retailers have all affected Black-owned businesses. This informative video from Bloomberg highlights their local initiative and is just one of many examples of how the Black Business and Professionals Association has helped small businesses survive throughout the pandemic. Click here for more information on the “winter is coming” campaign, as well as information on some of the challenges that Black-owned businesses and consumers are facing in Canada today. 


We at DRABPE are committed to following in the footsteps of Nadine Spencer and the BBPA by finding new and exciting ways to support Black-owned businesses in the Durham Region during these difficult times. We are excited to continue to assist the small businesses within our community through our network of incredible Black business owners and entrepreneurs, as well as education sessions and mentorship programs. Sign up for our E-newsletter or register with DRABPE on our website if you want to learn more about DRABPE’s programs, services, and see how we can help you and your business.